June 2010 Takers | Which order are you going in?

I am putting my schedule together now, starting to study this weekend. I was considering starting material like Econ and alternative investments , those with a minimum percentage be covered now (looking to finish two schweser books this month), FSA all of March, and the rest to be covered in april. Than practice tests all of May. Looking to put in 350-400 hours in total. Which order are you covering the material in and reason?

I started at the new year, and I’m doing the CFAI books. I did them in order thru econ, but then I just switched to derivatives/alt. I’m doing midterms right now in my undergrad and I want something that I know, and I took an options and futures class last semester. After this, I’ll probably do corp after this, and then it’s on to FSA:(

Started with Ethics, Econ, than quant, FSA all March, Schweser Book 4 & 5 in April, than another round on Ethics. Testing all May Considering the percentage weightings of the exam material, this was my strategy. How are you guys planning to navigate the material throughout the months? Anyone ever use Schweser videos?