June 2011

Pretty neat idea http://www.elanguides.com/products_eb_upp.php

That sounds like my plan too…Hopefully i will have completed the readings by Jan which will leave me with plenty of time to drill down concepts and topics i am having trouble with

Although I haven’t registered yet for June 2011, I am planning to. Meanwhile I have been reading this book “CFA Fundamentals” from schweser.

midnightoil Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Greetings from Norway. Have also just recived my > pack for June 2011 … making an early > start !! Is there now midnight sun, 24 hours daylight / twilight, in Norway in July? It must be good to stay up all night to study and burn your midnight oil, while the sun is still up in the sky and bright like the day time so you don’t need to turn on any light. A friend, who recently visited Tromso and Oslo, said it was interesting to see people who got up early for breakfast to work met people who had just finished drinking at pub on the street, in the middle of the night, but still in broad daylight.

Well in Oslo daylight at present is 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. but yes Tromsø has midnight sun now.

Honestly speaking, you do the course twice and do lots of practice of questions (including CFAI book EOCs) you will get through with Level 1 =)

Greetings from Finland ! Havent register yet, but working since one month on the Schweser notes. As someone said, i’ll read the notes, then I will complete the unclear points with the CFAI books.

Eighty, Thank for the advise re: going through the material twice as this is what i plan to do…How long does it take to get through cfai ethics book from experience?I know the hours will vary some what depending on the person but i am just very curious??? Also are you a level two candidate?Or are you CFA? Regards, Niamh

Hi Niamh, You should finish a run through ethics in about 10-14 hours. Don’t worry about retaining too much at the start. When I was studying for level 1 I tried to just make sure I understood everything in the curriculum during my first run through. I tested myself by answering the end of chapter questions.I bought the qbank early, and answered a few questions each day to keep stuff fresh. During my second run through, I made my own flash cards, and answered the end of chapter questions from Schweser and CFAI. From mid-April until exam day I just did qbank and practice tests. Rinse and repeat. You mentioned you majored in finance and economics. Level 1 will fine if you put in the hours. There are no short cuts with this program. Best of luck.

This test may be a little dated but I think many of the questions are still relevant. A little early for a practice exam no doubt but could be useful later on. Regards http://www.investopedia.com/exam-prep-quizzes/quiz.aspx?exam=cfa1