june 2011

Anyone else started work yet for the June sitting?

yes dude ! I am starting to collect the materials. which one you’ve looking into… me plannin elan… lemme knw yr plans… if we could gather a small group, it wld be gr8 for a group study… gr8 motivation, it wld be…

I’m in the process right now of planning out my study plan any ideas?

i have registered in institute one and half month ago and went trough ethics so far. After finishing holiday internship i will have more time and start learning with more decent speed.

i am reading through the cfa books… finished ethics and going through quantitative as we speak… once done reading the CFA books i m going to do the schweser books… any feedback?

Don’t use too much material. It’s better to study one set of books twice than two sets of books once.

I agree with ohai. Make sure to read summary n EOC qns. from curricullam after finishing each units.

Registered for June 2011 L1. Waiting for the printed copies. Planning to start from September. This will not be too late I think. Well guys me also agree with ohai. Concept is important than anything else. The only difficulty we face is managing time while doing a job. What CFA institute suggests 300 hours preparation is enough for L1. I will go hard on the weekends. My current job leave me no smart hours to go on in the working days. Tough goal, but achievable.

Registered less than an hour ago, but started preparations in August (Schweser notes) and have covered about 75% so far. After finishing Schweser I will probably hit the CFA Curriculum to get a better handle on some of the concepts, which are only briefly described in Schweser. Wish everyone luck.

I’m hesitating between sign in for June 2011 or Dec 2011 session Excepting heavy work load at my current job during the coming months , but not sure Planning to buy study notes (Schweser, Elan, not yet decided) right now and work on them, and wait until Jan 2011 (I’ll have a better view on my work load then) to decide whether I go for June or Dec 2011 session. I’ll then register and work on CFAI books What do you thing , guys ? Thanks

HI bben, Yes, good thinking… go ahead… do you have a background of finance ? Cheers, Mohan

Thanks Mohan Well I do not have a Finance degree but an Engineering one But I’m working in Finance field for more than 3 years now Unfortunately CFAI does not allow registration for Dec 2011 at this moment, otherwise I would go for it But some people would tell that it’s not efficient to start working from now for Dec 2011 session, that you are going to forget everything, etc…

I have registered for June exam and started reading from Schweser 2009 books instead of CFAI curriculum. Is this a good idea?

find out if there are any changes in the curriculum.otherwise it would be a good option.

Sign up for june 2011, just in case u dont pass you can still have november and that way you dont have to wait a whole year to take l2