June 2012 Exam Times

I noticed that on my admission ticket the schedule reads:

Morning Session 9-12

Break 12-1

Afternoon Session 2-5

What do we do from 1:00-2:00? Is this an error or do we really have to check in and sit around for an hour to start the afternoon session? I don’t remember this from last year as i thought we had an hour break for lunch and started back up again at 1:00.


If I were you, I would show up at 1PM sharp. Don’t risk hundreds of hours of studying to have an extra hour of lunch.

It is the same for every year. Don’t be confused unduly.

Sometimes the timings on the admit card says: Morning Session:9 AM to 12 PM; Afternoon Session: 2 PM to 5 PM and " Arrive 1 hour prior to start time". This time it says : Morning Session 9-12; Break 12-1 ; Afternoon Session 2-5.

Both means same i.e report at 1 pm for the afternoon session and break is from 12 pm to 1pm

Takes one hour for the exam hall to fill up, take places, and do the slow announcements that only these calculators are allowed, etc etc.

I still hear that voice in my nightmares, late at night.

it usually takes a little less time to get everyone seated etc in the afternoon (as people already know where their seats are etc)

And the extra hour is usually because a lot of people buy their lunch, and with the thousands of people in the same place, there’s a massive line to wait just to buy lunch.

haha i forgot about the slow announcements… those were awful

Also, you do not NEED to get there by 1 pm. I would recommend waiting until 1:15 or so, even a 45 min wait is painful