June 2015 Pass Rate

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you passed the June 2015 Level III CFA exam. 57% of candidates passed the June 2015 Level III CFA exam.


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I’m going with 55.

You now have to and the latest conspiracy theory… Something along the lines of if the numbers in your error message add up to 57% you passed if not you failed

I’m sticking with 50% even. My prediction/theory: Lower potential MPS but more difficult exam than past (especially AM and Ethics, which are the tiebreakers), high L2 pass rate last year = higher ratio of first-timers (myself included) to retakers. Plus I think CFAI has been seeing pass rates trend higher over the past few years so they may be more inclined to “artificially” lower it.

Not trying to be a pessimist… just an idealist.

The question is how often do you see a high pass rate followed by a higher or high pass rate?


love it!

I stick with my estimate from June:

L1-42, L2-46 and L3-57%


I’m gonna say 52% pass rate, so a 2% decrease from last year, consistent with the other levels

I could still remembers lots of the questions I details after two months…don’t know its a good sign or bad

I don’t even remember the color of the exam booklet which I am not sure is a good thing

On the way back to my car after the exam, I had a complete mental dump of all CFA info. It’d be a shame to have to start over again :frowning:

I’m with you condor…good luck!

I only vividly remember the questions I couldn’t answer. Maybe that’s a good sign?

CFA institute is unfair.

2013 exam was a killer compared to 2014… and 2014 pass rate was 5% (not low) higher than 2013.

Is that implying that they will knock down 2015 candidates with a pass rate of 50% or lower? They will …if they continue to be Unfair.

I find the institute to be incredibly fair.

I would say fair enough

Exam booklet? I thought we were just trying to spell CFA sideways with the bubbled responses.