June 2017 Level 1 - San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley/WalnutCreek


I’m looking to start up a once a week study group that meets on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I am from Concord so the East Bay is ideal, but I am also willing to go out to SF.

My 3 main ideas/reasons for a study group would be:

  1. To help one another with solving tricky problems from self study during the week.
  2. Teach one another concepts. (best learning happens through teaching).
  3. Accountability. Self study is easier if you have peers studying the same material. (In my experience study groups helps hold yourself accountable to learning).

I’m open to all ideas and study styles. Please reply if interested and happy studying!

Some of us go to the Starbucks in pleasant hill (next to nations) to study on the weekends. Were not level 1 but youre welcome to join. Just pm me if you’re interested

Nice! I’d definitely like to come by. What time do you all meet? I’ll message you my number.

Mostly on the weekends. Probably will ramp it up for weekdays as we get closer.

Hey, do you all still meet up? I’m in Berkeley prepping for level 1 in June

I’ll be at PH Starbucks on Saturday studying for June L1. I don’t know if anyone else will be there. I’ll message you my number.