June 2018 CFA Level I - NYC

Is there anyone near NYC that wants to form a study group for June 2018 exam? I work in downtown and am planning to study after work on weekdays mostly and Sunday on weekends.

Hey! I would be very interested to form a study group! Do you want to meet to discuss? If yes please suggest a time after work during the week or on the weekend. Cheers

Great! Let’s meet sometime next week. Would Tuesday work for you?

Yes, Tuesday any time after 5:30 works for me. Where do you suggest we meet? I work in midtown but I can meet somewhere downtown if you would prefer that

I just registered for L1 2018. Interested in joining this group if it’s around midtown. Please let me know. Thanks.

Since two of us are in midtown, how does 5:30 today at “Argo tea cafe” (58th and Broadway) sound?

That may have been too short notice :slight_smile:

Does any other day work this week?

Sorry for my late response - I couldn’t make it on Tuesday and actually I haven’t seen your confirmation until now.

Would you guys like to share email addresses and arrange a meeting over email?

Sure - send me an email to f73e6q@maildrop.cc (temporary active for 24h) and I’ll send you my real email address (sorry but I’m hesitant to post it in a public forum)

Hmm, Mail drop doesn’t seem to work as advertised. Here are some dates/times that would work for me:

  1. Friday, Jan 5 5:30 PM
  2. Saturday, Jan 6 11:00 AM
  3. Sunday, Jan 7 11:00 AM
  4. Monday, Jan 8 5:30 PM

Let me know which one, if any, works for you. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey all, I plan to study every Tuesday after work (5:30 - …) at the NY Public Library (Bryant Park / Main Branch), Rose main reading room. I’ll be sitting at or close to spot #380 (I think that’s the south end of the room). If you are interested please come say hi and we can talk about forming a study group. Cheers,