June 2019 Level 1 Exam

Hi everyone

Just registered for the June 2019 level 1 exam. I’m excited but a little anxious as well. I am not sure how to start studying/preparing for the exam… How soon to start studying and which material to study first. eBooks from CFA or the Schweser notes.

Just a bit of background, i have a bachelors degree in Finance completed 3 years ago. Accounting and Derivatives is all familiar but my understanding is very average. I would appreciate some guidance as to how to maximize my chances of passing the exam and if there are any additional study classes/material available online.

Anxious? You have almost 8 months, which are more than enough to master the materials and skills.

I would say we’re quite alike, but honestly, now that I’ve had 2 months to begin studying, it’s not something to be anxious about. I’m not overconfident, but I know if I keep practicing, I can do this. I’m also going to sign up for Wiley’s platinum program because when I tried out their free trial, I liked their material more than Kaplan’s. I found their notes easier to understand and their books for the previous years look simpler than Kaplan’s.

Wiley videos are great at level 1. I studied from them exclusively in my prep, did all the within and end of chapter problems in the actual CFAI curriculum and passed comfortably.

+1 for Wiley. Shout out to Olinto, Basit, and Degraff.

Me too. I’m going to start studying in December. I’m using all CFAI materials, schweser q-bank, and the Wiley question bank if I run out of questions, as well as the schweser practice exams and wiley practice exams. My wife wants me to get Videos too… Maybe…

I’m using the CFAI materials because it’s been a while since I had formal training so I plan to review everything. BBA in Finance and International Business in 1998. So, yeah… I’m nervous but it’s all familiar to me. Once I read up I pretty much know where my weaknesses are.

Have you all got the Redeem code for Curriculum e-book? I have not yet received any email regarding the curriculum, just a confirmation email with all credentials to confirm.

taurussh it’ll take a few days. I got the e-book 3 days after I paid for the exam. If you don’t get it by Monday, then maybe you should contact them.

They mentioned on the website that you should wait some days to receive confirmation & Ebook

Ok. Waiting for Monday !

Just received the email for redeem code. Thumbs up!

Im signed up for the 2019 June exam aswell, i have an MBA, worked for an IB in Australia and now working for a hedgefund. Im based in Sydney and will be starting this week using the CFAI books and the Sydney society classes next year.