June 2019 Preps

Hi Guys/Gals,

Not new to the forum (an observer since 2017) but registered only yesterday.

Brief background: Passed Level I in Dec’17 and failed Level II in Jun’18.

I pretty much knew going in that I was going to fail Level II - Inadequate preps - I am 29, married (no kids) and work in the Cap Markets team of an MNC Bank (read crazy working hours and no pre-exam leave!).

Long story short, I have already registered for Level II of Jun’19. The idea is to start early and try and pass in Jun’19 (roughly 300 days left for the exam now).

Last time around, I relied only on Schweser Notes. This time the plan is to use the CFAI notes for all subjects where I am between 50-70%.

Any tips or study advice is welcome - I hope to learn from fellow exam takers. :slight_smile:

My plan:

  • understand material - weekday

  • blue box - weekday

  • Wiley qbank - weekday

  • CFAI EOC- weekend

Finish material and begin exam practise April 2019.

Do at least 10 mocks