June Exam - Is it too late??

Hello, Is is too late for the June test? i have an MBA - Finance, but not sure eif the time left would be enough. Thanks

May be! Maybe not! It all depends on how much time you can spend and to a certain extent depends on your background not a whole lot. I comepleted my MBA like 3 years ago. I took up CFA about 10 days back and was kinda testing out how much time I can spend and how much I’m scoring on those specific sections on the sample tests. I scored about 50-60% range and seems like I need to put it lot more time than I thought. So I pushed it to December. I would have advised you to do the same if only you had the time. The last day for registration is March 17th so you have to decide fast.

Thanks for your input Venka

Not too late… i have finished book 2 and 5 soo far. will do book 4 this weekend, book 3 the following, and finally book 1. i will be doing qbank the last 6 or 7 weeks. ohh, I failed last dec though, so i still remember a lot stuff…

I would say is very late, but if you don’t mind the eventual loss of the exam fee, if you have time to put into study at least 4 hours a day and full weekends, if you studied hard during your MBA, if you have no personal life (or you are ok with putting it on hold for the next almost 3 months), go for it. Be aware that this is not an easy-breezy exam and there are 86 or so days left, 79 readings across 8 major sections or 18 study sessions, you better practice similar questions, and hold it together until June 7. Good luck.

Agreed with map1. this is not an easy exam. however, i know a few people that tackled L1 with only 3 months of solid study. like map1 said, you will have to give up some of your personal life. there are 12 weeks left for exam day, if you put 25 hours a weeks, you should be fine. also, you can take a week off before exam day and put 10 hours per day. cart

Thanks to all of you.