June level 2

I know I should be focussing on level1 write now, and I am, but this thought has been bugging me for a while. Is attempting level 2 in June a good idea after giving December level 1? Is it manageable? Can the curriculum be completed twice and still have last few weeks left for mocks in 4 months? If anyone has any experience regarding this please share. Thank you.

Possible. btw Gigaloo??

I passed L1 on December 2014 and decided to skip June 2015 for L2 so I’m candidate for June 2016, full-time job and L2 are not good partners. If you are a full-time student, well it’s a great opportunity to try L2 on the row. If you don’t pass, at least you got a valuable experience.

Thanks guys.

I studied about 5 months while working full time for level 1 and did pretty well. I was wondering the same question about going for level 2 in June of 2015. In the end I sort of chickened out and decided to take L2 in June of 2016 and it’s kind of a decision I regret. Will it be hard going back to back, yes, but in my mind I want to get this exam over with as quickly as possible. I took my test in December of 2014 and pretty much have had level 2 in my mind for 11 months now and going forward another 7 months. I kind of wish I would of taken a shot as the exam fee wouldnt of made much difference in my life (If I failed and lost the money) and prolonging the exam another year just sucks. I keep thinking I could be going for L3 now, anyways you should think about it. Are you capable of putting in the hours of study time for L2? Are you too burned out from L1? Do you want to switch jobs during those 4-5 months? I did want to switch jobs and that was one of my deciding factors of waiting another year as interviews and applying to jobs and then actually going into a new job and learning the position can be time consuming and stressful. I suggest focus on L1 and start thinking about L2 AFTER you take L1. Just guage yourself on how you feel afterwards and if you’re confident that you can pass L2 then go for it. It will save you a whole year and if you fail that’s experience gained with no time lost if you think about it. Good luck!

Thanks DPBass88. That was really helpful.