June11 or June12

Alright, this question is doing great rounds on this forum right now, but my problem is bit different. I cleared CFA L1 in dec10 (all topics>70 except quant>50). I currently have my CA final(considered toughest course in finance in India) in May 11(2-16 may). Well, I am good at understanding,retaining and expressing concepts (till now in my academic career). I am good at finances. The only reason I am tempted to do it now is because I would have been employed(hopefully) by the time June12 comes and the opportunity cost of taking leave would be too high ! My parents have told me that they will stand by my decision and are ready to take an educational loan for me. (Fees in INR = approx 33000) Do you think by any case, I can attempt CFA L2 in June11 after studying for 20 days flat(16 may-5 june). I am ready to put my life in to it-studying 14-15 hours a day then!

I am in the same boat with you. I passed in december and I registered for June. I had already read the material for level 2 twice before december results came out. No 2 people are alike, I consider myself a smart guy, and I have the grades to prove it… Having seen the material and having talked to hundreds of people who took level 2. I am aiming for 750 hours… Maybe your 2.5 times smarter than me, eveything is possible. I did pass level 1 with > 70 on all topics, but it took me 475 hours of studying…so there you go…maybe you can gauge this to your level…

thanx!! i did approx 160-180 hours of reading for L1. I had posted this query here again (duplicate) and i got various precious advice there too. So even your valuable advice adds up to it!! Seen that many like you are way ahead of me, I have decided to give L2 in June12. but again, thanx for your advice!!

I am probably one of the smartest guys in the entire universe. You need 2 months to clear level II. Avarage students may need 7 months.

thanx for d advice!! i dont have even 2 months…else you could have been overtaken!! :smiley: