Junior in College - Potential Candidate Next Year June

Currently, I am a junior finance major in college and would like to take level the 1 exam next year June, and I have a few questions. Most, if not all, of these questions have probably already been asked, so sorry in advance.

What is the forum concencus/general opinion towards studying material? I’ve seen people say Kaplan’s textbooks or Wileys, but what are the best material I should study from? Bear in mind that I’m also a finance major in college, so finance isn’t foreign to me. Is there any significant differences between, say, the 2013 and the 2014 versions of these books or are they alll relatively the same? Is it a bad idea to buy the books used because there are practice exams? Where is a good place to buy these books for a good price?

And lastly, I saw on the CFA website that they offer scholarships - is anyone familiar with that process and how compettitive is it to get one?


If you are spending $1000 to get into the program and take the first test, spend the extra $150 on the books, it’s worth it. There are soemtimes differences in the material, and ou can check the CFAI website for specifics. Some people use 3rd party providers, some don’t. I have no experience with the, so won’t be of any help to you. If you want to buy them used, go to ebay or craigslist.