Jury Duty and CAIA L1

This is an unusual question, but I am studying for the March CAIA L1 exam and just recieved a summons for jury duty. My biggest concern is that if I am selected for the jury, I will have to miss my exam date. My other concern is the effect it will have on my study schedule. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Is the CAIA Exam an exceptable reason to be excused from a jury or have the duty delayed?



Of course the legal process is going to trump the CAIA exam. Your best bet is to try the usual tactics to get out of jury duty like most people do. Of course, even if you are the perfect candidate to be selected, you still have a chance of not being selected given the pool of jury candidates. I would advise you to “act as if” the exam will happen, put in the amount of hours required for studying in the meantime, and just get through the court day. Either way, that studying won’t be wasted if you had to delay it to next session. At least with the CAIA, there are multiple dates available to switch it to at the Pearson centers within each period, as opposed to CFA or FRM which is given on one day only. Good luck.

In a lot of states you can call the court to let them know that you have a scheduling conflict and they will schedule you for a later date. Call the court and ask them nicely. You should be OK.

Thanks for the tips! I was not selected for the jury for another reason (I have the same insurance that the trial was about), so no scheduling conflicts to worry about this time.

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