Just an advice for new L2 taker...

Well… I have been so much under stress because of that that I decided to post something on it. For the new L2 taker.DON’T put too much importance on the score you get from the Mocks exam. Of course having below 55% is not positive, but having a score between 65 an 70 % doesn t mean that you will fail. Mocks are more difficult (at least for me) and the CFAI mock is just a killer, so don t worry. I scored 60% on the cfai mock and 67% average in the schweser mocks and still passed the exam.

thank you Doji…

I second Doji. For me exam was not that cracking as CFAI Mock, & EOC but they certainly helped… Nailed the exam with considerable margin…

Sure… Not saying that doesn’t help. This is actually the most important part of the preparation. I am just saying that the score you get is not necessarily an exact indication of your chance to pass the real exam. You still need to be in a certain range to pretend something of course…

So I take it that there’s less correlation between your practice exam scores vs. your actual exam scores in L2 compared with L1, esp if you use Schweser? In my L1 prep, I consistently scored in the high 60%'s to low 70%'s and my final score estimate was 73% using the 40/60/80 method.

While I do think there is an important correlation between mock and real. I got multiple 70s in the mocks, and I got at least 70 for the real.

If you donot put much importance for the mock, what is the mock for, then?

Mocks are good indicators. If you got only 55-60, it means stoping doing mocks, take the notes&books and go through again. If you got 70-75, congratulations, you are one step closer to the success. But donot relax, find out where you wrong, review it carelly, and grasp the point.

You do it over and over again, roughly 3 mocks and 3-5 practices will be OK.

That’s that I feel about the process, and it worked for me.

Mocks are very important indicators. You can actually analyse where you are making mistakes.

While taking mocks, I always hit upon low 70s. On analysing the pattern I found that my intial 20 questions attempted were mostly right and then I understood that I was loosing concentration by around that time. So in the real exam every 45 minutes or so I would ask permission to drink a glass of water and start over again :slight_smile:

I need these because I am 34+ and other younger ones out there might not need these :)))