Just booked a cruise

Just booked a cruise for the week after this exam. Gives me something to look forward to so I can get through this next month. I have only just started reviewing so I am way behind most on this forum.

My first child will be born the week BEFORE the exam (at least thats the due date) No vacation for me :frowning:

Have fun, sounds like a good time. I just plan on watching the World Cup for a month straight. Spain to take it…

smileygladhands…wow…that is brutal…I hope you pass…you seem in good shape…I admire the folks on here that do these exams with families and kids…unbelievable.

getting up early on the weekends has been pretty helpful .Out of bed at 7, and if the wife is up at 9, that gives me 2 hours of straight study time. Of course, since i’m up early to go to work during the week, i’m tired as all hell. This will probably get ten times worse when the baby comes, but really, its the last week when that will happen. My feeling is within that last week, there’s not much more i’m gonna be able to do - either i know the material, or i don’t. Feel like i have a good grasp of the basics - its the nitpicky stuff that jsut kills me, and i hear CFAI loves to test minutia…

Smiley, My wife had our first child 12/9/09. If she’s breastfeeding, it can be brutal. Buy your wife a “boppie” so it makes it easier for her. Ask your wife if you can sleep in a different room for the week (this would be after you buy her flowers, chocolate, and a boppie). …Take note single men… For the minutiae, don’t do QBank. I did last year, it’s horrible. It tests only the obvious as day stuff. I use Finquiz (www.finquiz.com). Go there, take a sample test of 11 questions, and you’ll see how it tests the minutiae. SERIOUSLY.

smileygladhands good luck! My son was born at the end of March, the week after he was born I didn’t get a chance to crack the books. Listen to Davidyoung’s advice and sleep in a different room. Our son sleeps across the hall in his own room, I’ve been sleeping well because my wife feeds him in there. Good luck, it will be worth it!

I will be 8 months pregnant during the cfa exam. it is already kicking the hell out of me. positive thing is I don’t have to feed it yet. I hope it doesn’t kick that much during exam, since there is no room for it any more :slight_smile: