Just changed batteries for my calculator

My first time changed batteries… Do I need to do anything exept switching to 4 decimals to make it test-friendly?

take your old battery with you to the exam with a tiny screw driver.

there is a probability that a brand new battery is faulty and does not hold much of a charge, hedge the risk with your old battery

@ Lostcfa,

Thanks for your advice. You will regain CFA for sure!

I also changed 2 days ago just to avoid last min regret…

I just bought a second calculator. The one I have is a few years old and I dont think I have ever changed the battery. Come to think of it, I think Schweser may have given a battery during last year’s live mock. So, I’ll change my battery in my primary one as well.

Just change your battery now, and use it for the next week while doing practice questions.

If everything is fine for the next week, the chances it fails exactly on exam day is near 0.

change to AOS