Just cracked first Schweser book....

As advised by alot of people here… starting with Managing Insitutional portfolios…

To think… just one year ago, i was taking the level I exam for the second time… Lets get this overwith…

Taking a weekly Schweser class again this year. Also doing the 3 day class a month before the exam. Anyone ever do the 3 day class?

I don;t think you need it if you’re disciplined.

my company paid for 2x 3 days study courses and 1x 5 day revision course and I found them really helpful for level 3. If I had to pay I wouldn’t do it though.

How’s the Schweser weekly online instruction? Have viewed on-demand, but usually weekly is a bit more watered down. I like that the class keeps you on track, but wondering if it’s useful viewing as with the previous two levels?

ive only done the live classes

I’ll echo formertrader - I took a Schweser 3-day review at L1 and found it to be useless. If you’re diligent, you’ll find that the time at the 3-day review course would likely have been better spent studying on your own. At that point, you should know the material really well and a 3-day review course will give you a very superficial review of ALL/MOST of the curriculum.

By late April/May, I was always drilling down where I was weakest - I wouldn’t have needed someone to spend 30 minutes teaching a class how to calculate expected utility of a portfolio. If you can get your money back, I would suggest doing so - if not, be that annoying dude that asks a lot of questions. Get realllll selfish.

This may have always been like this, but just realized my weekly online Schweser class also comes with on demand videos. My plan is to attend/watch all online class videos and as many on demand as I can. Also attending an in person 3 day review. To answer the original question, I’ve taken the L2 in person 3 day review before and found it helpful. In all honesty, I wish the 3 day review was a lot earlier so it could be used after a 1st pass through the material, but still worth it for me.