Just did Dec L1... now looking into L2.. what material should I use?

Did the test last weekend, would be shocked if it was anything but a pass. A few questions:

  1. Don’t know if I want to wait till end of January to start studying. What material is best? For L1 I did read Schweser notes for first two months and then did qbank and mocks the rest of the time. Barely touched CFAI material.

  2. Same strategy for L2 or do I need other/more stuff?

  3. Can I register for L2 right now or will CFAI not let me until results are confirmed?

  4. I’m very good with math and any type of calculations involved in L1 quant, FI, equity, derivatives, and FRA were very easy for me… However, I’m not so good with definition questions which was my downfall in L1. I hear L2 is more on calculations side and less on definition? How should I fair considering I my strength is in the calculations?

Definitely don’t wait until results are out. I didn’t, and in hindsight it was the right move. Plan to touch the CFAI material more for L2, specifically the EOCs.

I think sticking to your same strategy will work just fine. At the end of the day your proxy for study performance will be those qbanks/mocks that you do along the way. So use that to keep you in check.

You cannot.

Just be diligent in your studying as you were for Level 1 and you should be fine, honestly.

Hi! I feel like you 125, feel confident of passing. So are you going to buy Kaplans material without knowing your results??? Risky monetary strategy but I get the advantage of the time you will be getting. Please let me know what you are going to do at the end!! Saluts

You might use Kaplan jump trial mode for first 2 books. No risk at all except for wasted time in a case of L1 fail. On the other hand, it’s more risky to wait until the end of January because L2 requires much more time and engagement for many.

If You’re pretty sure You’ll pass, utilize the momentum.

I got my level 2 books from Kaplan Schweser last week and will start studying tonight.

Did you do the June test or you just that confident so you got the books prior to the december test date? lol.

I took the L1 exam just this past Saturday so I had gotten them a few days beforehand lol I know it was a risky strategy getting them prior to the exam but now that it’s over I’m happy I did because I too feel very confident about how I did. I felt pretty good about how I was doing with practice questions and mocks leading up to the exam so that played a major part in the decision I would say.

How do I get access to the first two books in the trial? On the Kaplan website, it says the trial only gives you access to the Quant book for 48 hours.

I received an email with the offer (first book that has ethics+quant+economics and their q-bank) but I got the offer because I had the essential package with them for L1.

I just pulled the trigger… Paid for essential package L2 with my company’s discount. I don’t think it matters, they give a discount of 15% if you ask :slight_smile:

They warned me there is only a 14 day cancelation period for a full refund and they normally recommend doing the trial until feburary if not sure about the test result. Said the trial period would gives access to qBank and ONLY the first book. She told me it was ethics but I guess according to christopheausina, its ethics, quant, and econ.

I figure I’d be done with the first book by end of december, so might as well get the package.

Hey guys, Finquiz is making an offer for 52.5 usd being a lifetime member… I purchase it, and I am planning to buy also the notes for Wiley or Schweser, dont know yet. For Finquiz is M95 the coupon for the lifetime membership (I am not a Finquiz worker, you can check at my bio, just maybe someone will like it).

Saluts mon amies


IFT video lectures are amazing. He walks you through all the curriculum examples which are great prep. Also I found their mock exams to be the most reflective of the actual exam.

Hi All,

I used Arif Irfanullah video tutorials for all three levels and in my opinion its super useful (and probably the best series out there in the market) for covering all the essential concepts tested during the exam. I highly recommend everyone to purchase the same from IFT website as it will serve both the purpose of saving time and exhaustively covering the key takeaways needed for the exam. Its turned out to be exceptionally helpful to me! I passed all three levels at one go only due to his video series.