Just explanations to the Mock?!?

Does anybody have the actual letter answers to the mock 1 maybe? CFA doesn’t give you the answers, it just gives you explanations, so how are you suppose to go know which problems you got wrong and go and understand them? Are you just suppose to go through each explanation and try to remember the question and what you got? This is really really lame.

no letter answers or way to know what you got right/wrong, or even a way to see the questions they’re referring to. very lame indeed.

this is a good thing - it means similar q’s will be on the actual exam…imo

#@$!! Waste of money i swear. thanks though.

I was disappointed by the same thing. I was surprised, though, that when I went through it I could remember what I answered and if I got it wrong or now. It’s still a pain, tho.