Just fell asleep...

while reading CFAI ethics… Woke up one hour later with a nice pile of drool on page 137. Awesome. Put Chilli Peppers on the iPod now Im back at it! Lets do it, 8 weeks!

yo, that’s hilarious… And yes, let’s do it!

welcome to the forum crazyqqq

if i were forced to spend my entire life with fxguy1234, i would fall asleep due to sheer boredom too

sublimity shouldn’t you be on some sort of religious crusade at this hour?


what would i do without being to take periodic study breaks to insult (more like PWN) guys like fxguy1234, MobiusStriptease, and SkipE99? thanks for your continued support and being objects for me to write random insults

Dude I heard you’re almost 30 now… That sucks!

how old are you? 12? that’s what i figure given the level of your posting!