Just Finished John Harris in NYC

16 hours of FSA in two days is about 15 1/2 hours too many. I’m toast. I had hoped to do some of his practice questions tonight but I don’t think I could. Good stuff, though.

Does he cover corporate finance as well?

No he doesnt cover CF

wonder2008 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does he cover corporate finance as well? He used to, but said the amount of FSA LOS increased to such a point that he just stuck to the FSA material. I think he said last year was the first year without the CF notes.

Hey Sponge, you’re taking John Harris as well right? I took him last year, still have the notes, so will refer to those.

plyon-- i was at harris also… i think he is great, very good

Houston, I took his Boston class earlier this year. Many of the sections from last year’s notes still apply. Just look at what readings were new this year and you’ll find where his notes no longer apply.

Gotya. Thanks!