Just finished reading through Curriculum - Study Plan Now?

I just finished reading though my Kaplan Schweser Curriculum. Along the way of reading through the Schweser text, I made sure to do a few QBank questions after each reading. Readings that I had a tough time on, I read through the CFAI text a little bit. I also read through the examples on the applications of the standard for the ethics section in the CFAI books.

Anyhow, I’m thinking of switching gears now more towards drilling out QBank questions, CFAI end of reading problems, and also practice exams (Schweser and CFAI exams).

Can anyone please comment on this strategy and maybe any suggestions on what’s the best way to start and proceed. I have 27 days till the exam. I’m thinking this should be enough time to tidy things up. Thanks!

I presume you’re sitting the June exam? Yes, lots of questions now. Incorrectly answered questions should prompt you to go back to those sections in the material.

Correct, sitting for June 2019 exam.

I’d just try to bang out as many mocks as possible and CFAI online qbank questions.

I guys I tried a mock exam last night and I didn’t make it through it, got a bit discouraged.

I’m thinking of maybe hitting up the QBank questions for a few days so I can get immediate feedback whether or not I got the questions correct. If I get the question wrong, I can read the explanation right after attempting the question. Maybe try the mock exam again this weekend. Any thoughts?

you should focus on EOC questions and mock tests