Just finished readings.. what now?

I finally finished my readings (a bit late … I know… still have ethics to read but that is just memorization as far as I know)… What is the best way to approach this beast? Should I just start with QBank from Quant and just do every single quesiton? Thanks for any advice. Mike

read some more

Read ethics. Go over weak areas / re-read. Do Q bank, end of secion questions. Take the mock / sample exams. Do schweser exam books etc.

Qbank is my top priority as I learn best from practice questions. My question is should i just start from the beginning and do every single question or is this an inefficient use of time?

What is this QBank everyone i talking about? Where do we find it?

read ethics now and review ethics once more just before the exam. It will stick better that way. Ethics is 15 % of the exam and much less than 15% of the reading, so good value per time spent. Practice questions are great for figuring out your week areas. Do lots. And take some full length practice exams to make sure you have time management under control.

I would drill questions on Q-Bank by topic… making sure you cover everything in a week and take a practice or mock next weekend; Identify weak areas, and drill next week more on those SS, and take annother complete practice exam… At least that is what I am doing. Boost, what study material are you studying from? CFAI books? Stalla? Schweser? Q-Bank is the questions pool of Schweser.