Just focusing on the curriculum readings and self made notes, would skipping Schweser be detrimental in any way?

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Only one person loses in this situation.


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Same question many ask regarding study methods.

Do what works best for you.

I’m doing the same thing. I feel I understand much better and deeper this way than doing Schweser, but it definitely takes longer time too.

Plus point with Schweser : can complete faster and give it multiple revisions. major con: seems to be going against the universal advice “Read the CFA material in Level III” . TIme against the guilt is the major tradeoff.

I’ve decided to forego study notes this year and do straight CFA curriculum + hand written notes for each reading. Sure it takes more time, but I personally think it’s worth it. I’ve already read the entire curriculum + done all EOC practice questions, and I’m in the process of compiling notes right now and creating flash cards as I go. I hope to start major note reviews and past AM papers and mocks by mid-March.

If you’re just starting to study now I don’t think what I’m doing is an option though.

I am not using schweser this year and do not miss it, have used curriculum and Finquiz which is awesome follows the curriculum books nicely. Also the amount of topic tests and past papers I feel I have no need or time for schweser.

You’re going to pass this year.


Potential value of the notes:

  • Schweser’s view of concepts that matter most (to focus revision)
  • How to approach IPS constructed responses
  • How other topics are likely tested in AM
  • An alternative angle of attack into a hard concept

But I think you can get the first three at least as efficiently from past AM exams.

I use both and, opposite to wide opinion, I found Schweser notes better for me to study from. It is more focused on essentials with less fluff.

However, I use only official material for practicing.