Just getting started really....

First off, I admire those of you who have been hitting the books hard for months now. I started strong with Ethics and FSA, but then work got in the way (I have dozens of excuses really). Given the limited time remaining, does anyone have any thoughts on the best strategy for starting over? I plan on hitting Schweser Secret Sauce hard once it comes out (ETA late March). Until then, do I try and read through everything, or just focus on doing practice problems? Thanks

Schweser study books / Qbank Practice Exams Take some time off work

You still have a good 90 days of study time left, I agree with Fremantle, take some time off from work and go through the study notes and hit the qbank to see where you stand. Also try to maintain a set number of study hours every weekday along with some extra hrs during the weekend (18-20hrs/week).