Just got 42/60 in 2011 mock

That mock was difficult, anyone else feel the smae.

That was definitely on par with last year’s exam. I am sorry now I did not do it last year before the exam.

In have read the CFAI answer q to q 54 but why could the answer not be B


I thought (F-S)/S is approximately id -if.

Someone please explain

Sorry , I just did the 2010 mock. I got mixed up. Lol

Going to attempt the 2011 mock now

Just took 2010, 51/60. For 54, i answered b as well. The problem is that the question does not say that IRP holds, as a result you have to rely on the forward implied discount.

how did 2011 go?

would you be willing to share your 2010 and 2011 mocks?



44/60 in 2011

where did you guys get PM section of CFAI mock exams? on CFAI website? I only see AM section

2010 is the hardest for me to be honest. i barely scored 50% when i first took it.

need 2010 and 2011 mocks as well please


can i also get the 2010 and 2011 mocks please.


appreciate it.

Hey, can someone also email me the 2010 & 2011 CFA mocks?



It is an ethics violation to email mock exams. It says it on every page of the mock exam…