Just got a new calc--any settings I need to adjust?

Already adjusted the decimal from 2 to 9. Am I forgetting anything else?

If its a TI, may want to change the decimal place to 4, I think its set at 6. Also, make sure the pmt’s are set to end, not beginning

how do you do that

You’ll understand as you go along…All settings are given in Quant Section of Schweser. The decimal adjustment is using 2nd+Format ( above decimal). Input the number you want for decimal places and press Enter. To quit, press 2nd+CPT the show NY Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how do you do that

if you keep it at 9, that is the float feature. 2nd P/Y make sure it is set to one so you can enter in annual interest rates, and not monthly.

You are pretty late to the game, it seems you don’t know how to work your calculator. I hope you’re joking, or that you do know how to use it properly, but are just scared for some reason. If so, nothing needs to be changed except the decimal places. The only setting that I change after a reset is the decimals from 2 to 4. I reset the calculator sometimes just to be extra sure that everything is cleared (whole process of reset/adjust decimal takes 5-10 sec)… Always have to remember to clear TMV functions and CF worksheet. It’s best not to even go to BGN mode, if you know the formulas to convert between them, since it’s so easy to forget to set it back to END mode.

thanks for the concern swe30. im taking level 2 on saturday so no, not new to the game. i just havent taken the battery out of this calculator since i started studying for level 1 in 2008, and i thuoght you level 1 guys would be more familiar with the initial calcualtor setup than my friends in the level 2 forum who are likely in the same boat as me. good luck.

I personally prefer to keep all decimal places, and round off myself.

yes. you should get used to that. in level 2, if you dont round to at least 5 or 6 decimil places in some equations (namely FRA and parity stuff with econ and PM) you will not get the right answer.