Just got a new rower for my apt

Seems like a legit workout. Will report back in 3 months. I plan to use this when I don’t want to run outside and rest my legs. Plus I can watch tv

What type?

My gym is supposed to be getting a tower, but I feel like it should have come in by now.

Rowing and cycling are my favorite cardio. Running makes my knees hurt

Amazon 240 sunny. Yea workout is pretty good. I get a good sweat around the 5th Minute. Will report on efficacy in 3rd monmth

Put ur shoos up bro u live lik an animal lool

One of the cooler aspects of living where I did in Mass was being near one of the best lakes in the world for rowing. Before life got too crazy I had a nice routine going of riding my cafe racer to the boat house, sculling each morning around 5 or 6 am and then going to work that was very ideal.

Cafe racer? Boathouse? Sculling?

Lol GTFO Harvard Business Review.

Low key though, that does sound pretty idyllic

Lol agree 100% but it was awesome.

haha yea. fiance complains. but im a messy dude. i just dont give a shet lol.

I’m not going to lie the pictures of your place are horrific. It’s so bad I haven’t even gone at it because I feel bad. Clean it up and buy some furniture mang.

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haha nah its a rental. im not too invested in this pos.

@Black_Swan What do you ride? Any recommendations for me getting a motorcycle in NYC? I am a complete amateur so have that in mind please.

I would not learn to motorcycle in or around NYC on anything remotely full sized. I would start by biking around the city on a pedal bike and getting used to the traffic flow, then upgrade to something like an E-Bike or moped honestly. Both will still be fun and I know everyone wants to jump right to the cool factor machines but everyone I know that jumped the progression ends up with a spill with varying consequences. There was a guy on here years ago that got hit in LA and paralyzed, completely changed his life. Went from being the Nerdy OG to spending his 20’s relearning life. I’ve been riding about 18 years and went through a street bike phase (am thinking about buying one this year, I’ve always been partial to Yamaha R1’s although they’re all great at that level) but now I have a 1975 cafe racer style CB750.

Cleaning has nothing to do with that, furniture goes with you.

she swiffers wet mop that ■■■■ every week. im not a cleaner. its just not what i do.

Do you think it would be safe to Jump to directly to a Moped or an E Scooter of some kind?
I was thinking of a motorcycle to reduce my commute time and perhaps impress the ladies but it seems the risk is serious,particularly in a place like NYC.

Anyhow,that is one nice machine you have there.

Is that a pic of the Pope on your table next to the crucifix??? Que bueno, mijo!!! :innocent: :place_of_worship: :latin_cross:

And when are you going to marry that fiancee of yours who takes such good care of you??? :couple: :wedding:

march 26 is the new date. she has a hot single sister. like real hot.
lol that is suppose to be stickign to the wall but it fell. and i just dont want go through with that process again. it’s a pic of jesus. its her stuff. honestly we just started moving stuff around because of the rower. we also had an hs graduation party for her brother. some of that ■■■■ floating are baloons i just didnt want to clean up. lol anywayas wait until you see my second bedroom. its a real shitshow there.

Moped or E scooter would probably be personal decision around risk profile and comfort. You could always try a bike for a week but if you went to one of those two you’re probably ok, it’s just personal preference at that point, probably fine either way.

^ 100%. I had a bike for years when I lived in a small town… sold it when we moved to Toronto. As fun as they are they’re just too dangerous for city commuting. Wife’s at me all the time to buy another one, I think I’ll hold off until we buy a cottage and just leave it up there. Personally I wouldn’t go close to one in NYC.