Just got my butt handed to me

by this stupid sample 30-questions version #3 of CFAI like not even 60% was this one considered hard?

Harder than 1, easier than 2

I just finished the same one and got 67%. It was an very easy exam and I knew 90% of things except Net working capital etc. I just made silly mistakes. I forgot some formulaes and rules like trading securities etc. I hope I dont repeat same mistakes on Saturday.

I did get 80 in first one.

Yeah me too !! Hehehe

pretty hard…got a 63 this morning. forgetting all the econ crap and going 1/6 didn’t help matters.

It destroyed me, 61…but I somehow managed to score an 83 on the mock 3…go figure

There is no mock 3. Are you from the CFAI?

Opps…Mock 2…all these Schweser Books, Samples Exams, Mocks, and Formulas have turned my brain to mush.

Alayle - I just did S3. It was sooo difficult… and so time consuming…