Just got the email.. you officially earned your..

Congratulations! You are now a CFA® charterholder and may use the coveted CFA designation. You now belong to our global community of more than 165,000 investment management professionals dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards, cultivating strong and fair investment markets, and putting investors first. I applaud your diligence and hard work in achieving this highly regarded designation. We look forward to supporting you as you become involved as a member of CFA Institute. Best regards, Paul Smith, CFA President and CEO

Expect to receive your printed charter in the next six to eight weeks. To receive your charter and welcome materials, please confirm or update your information below (log in required).

Congrats 125! How does it feel?

Got it a few minutes ago too, but I started using the designation since Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:

Got mine here as well. Would have been nice to be addressed with “, CFA” after my name but still a great feeling.

Like a rockstar of course.

So I’m waiting for my work experience to be approved. What are the stages before I reach your dizzying heights and how long will it take?

Me too. I therefore started my post-CFA career with an blatant ethics violation :slight_smile: Damn it feels good be a gangsta.

Are you all eligible to violate all the Ethics standards now? :slightly_smiling_face:

even candidates can violate the standards :slightly_smiling_face:

If your dues were paid and work experience approved your name would show up in the search directory (if you updated your preferences to “visible”) with CFA next to it the day the results came out so I think you guys got lucky this time. :wink:

Congrats man! All those posts (and maybe some studying) paid off! I know I used to answer a post or two as part of my review. Hope you celebrated big time.

Am I the only one waiting for Sep to come before paying so as to save one month of membership fee? It’s only a few more days left, no point paying for the whole of Aug, right?

I assume it is pro rata till June but haven’t confirmed. If not, it should be…

Paste your LinkedIn link here.

why would we do datttt