Just In Case....: Re: Regrading for L3 worth it?

If you guys failed, would you re-grade? Anyone know a story of of a L3 being re-graded to that persons favor. I remember a post a while back that I think was from JDV which stated that regrading is not an actual re grading of your answers, but rather if the marks were counted correctly? And I think I saw somewhere else that stated there has never been a re-grade in CFA history where CFAI actually changed their decision? I mean they take 2.5 months to mark the thing, i’m sure it’s already been recounted a few times, no need to waste $100 to re-count it again.

Dont know why your name conjures up images of R2-D2 and C-3PO. No offence dude (-tte)… I like your posts… Personally I believe it does not make any difference by re-grading. Not this exam, but I have seen other exams where people requested regrading/ rechecking without any success. Not sure if the graders do anything actually, simply because the regrader has to defend why he thinks differently from the previous grader, and they are all buddies anyway… For that matter, ones a guy expecting 100% in an exam, was so frustrated for getting 98% that he requested a recheck! (yes there are such people!). Result - he end up getting 96%… I am sure he must have pissed off the grader.

Of course there is a point to regrading, especially when they introduced the 1-10 ‘how close you were to passing’ ranking. For LI,II, its all computer marked so theres no point. Level III has 50% written component, and if you were 10 ie. 90th percentile of Level III failure candidates, you might get a few additional marks and actually put yoru score above MPS, hence passing hte exam. THe more the reason to regrade if your company is stupid enough to pay for it. (Transfer of wealth from to CFA Institute.

I think regrading is just pure waste of money… just my two cents on it

It’s just not regrading. The graders have all gone home and there are none left to regrade anything. It’s a retabulation. For $100, someone from CFAI pulls out your exam, and checks that the scores written on the tabulation sheet correspond to the scores written on the questions by the graders. Then they add up a column of numbers and check to see that it matches the score written in the big box. Since 5 other people have already checked it, there just isn’t much chance. No doubt that the 1-10 thing will increase their revenue from this…

there is no ‘regrading’…its retabulation only where they recount your existing scores. Dont burn your money!