Just out of curiosity...

How many of you have the 5-years experience to fully qualify for the Charter once you pass all three levels?

I currently have 3 years experience, and will have the relevant 5 years experience once I complete the course (hopefully in two years). I have a few trader friends who don’t have the experience and have to wait - that’s brutal.

esco what am i gonna do with all my co-op work???

Hahahaha! Didn’t you love all those 6-month co-ops??

should we go off the grid with this convo or keep it here?

where did u do ur co-ops? i loved all of mine, was even offered ft jobs, but if i didnt do law shcool now id never get it done

yeah, i think we should. what’s your private email/contact?


5 years? Did they change it? When I signed up, it was 4.

it is 5, i got out early from my AP credits and summer courses at community college, when did u graduate meazza?the administration is considering a reduction to 4 year to be normal and getting alot of pushback from the students

I graduated in 2006. It says on the CFA FAQ that it’s 48 months.

whats 48 months? northeastern? were u in the business school? business and nursing require 5 yrs, take my email from above if u want to discuss anything.

I think we’re talking about two different things. How many of you have the 5-years experience to fully qualify for the Charter once you pass all three levels? The charter requires 4 years of experience not 5.

i thought we were talking how long Northeastern University was haha, i dont have it unless they allow my co-ops, which i highly doubt! but mezza did u go to NU?

Lol. No, Concordia University in Montreal

you are a young bunch i guess:) the experience part is the least of my concerns, i just hope i pass

Does anyone know (for sure) how they verify the required experience?

It’s 4 years. It used to be 3 until it was changed several years ago and people that were candidates at the time were grandfathered in. I’m only rocking 1.75 yrs of work exp. Failing L2 would hurt the ego but, it wouldn’t hinder me from getting the charter any faster.

@Chuckrox8 – I have the opposite problem. I got my six years approved right after L1 (“membership has its privileges”) and now the stress point is the fact that failing any level is a guaranteed delay on receiving my charter.

^With you ATH. I’ve got all my experience approved and am a regular member. Just waiting on a passing score.