Just pass Level II...Any tips for Level III

Any tips for Level III. Did anybody took Schweser Video Class? Is the teacher is good as the level II?


Good one

Search Function is your first step my friend…

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golpher, try not to delay your preparation too much. start early.

How about this novel idea: Read the material and do the assigned questions… Best tip I can give you.

Ok, since you are not getting a lot of real answers (probably because this question has been asked so many times before), here are a few important tips… -Do all the available old morning exams from CFA, and do them again and again and again… -If possible improve your reading and writting abilities. The hardest part of the exam for me was in the morning section to read the info and wright as fast as possible… -Start early! I know some people think that starting before january is a waste of time because at exam day you won’t remember what you have read 8 months before, but these people do not consider the fact that you will read the same material many times in the next 8 months… -Do as many end of chapter problems as possible from the CFA curriculum -Do a search on this forum because this subject has been covered many times and there are a lot of good tips in other threads!

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wangta01 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Leo_land Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > PRAY > > AW YEAH WE PRAY > > WE GOTTA TO PRAY JUST TO MAKE IT TODAY > > Tell me you guys know that song. This is a terrific example of making a pretty simple to get reference, and then following it up as though it’s something really obscure. I call this technique “pulling a Mencia”.

agree with MTL Analyst…start early…if you have your CFAI books now…read them don’t wait for Schweser or Stalla. Give yourself a good 2 months at the end to focus on practice questions and sample exams. Do all the CFAI morning exams you can get your hands on, and you will quickly learn the CFA answer. Sign up for a review class if you can. I followed that method for all 3 exams and went 3 for 3. Good luck jasonms, CFA

I’ll recommend starting off with Schweser. Whenever and wherever you get stuck, dig down into the curriculum before moving forward. Once cleared, come back to Schweser and read on. Solely reading through the Curriculum can sometimes be extremely frustrating as its not at all exam focused! For learning point of view, its the best tool available though. You should have your goals clearly infront of you. Plan out a schedule and start as soon as you have Schweser Notes! Again some would disagree, I believe Schweser’s notes CAN provide a decent framework and guidelines as to how to carry on with the studies.

basically get on the old/mock exams and EOC’s alot earlier than you did for L2.