Just passed Level 1 onto Level 3 in 2015...Thoughts and Tips

Guys, just wanted to start this thread so we could gradually shift to Level 3 Topics…after we gradually shift to Level 2 Topics. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just so desperate to begin studying that I’m ready to jump up this to forum. For all my fellow recent passers - how have you managed to avoid distractions such as friends, family, and significant others – they’re totally lame, right? I know that the majority of the users of this forum are eagerly awaiting there exam results, but hey, who cares? Luckily I have no friends, my family is beneath me, and I’m hoping that becoming a charter holder will allow me to secure my first significant other. Am I right? So let’s all head back to our dimly lit, single room residences, and refresh shipment trackers until the curriculum arrives!

If you just passed Level I, you might want to wait till 2016 before you move on to Level III.

Nah, >70 on all sections so they gave me a pass.

So much grumpiness. No need to bash new l3 batch, as roughly half of you would still be joining us for the next 10 months or so.

Relax, have an ice-cream. And enjoy your life till 11th August.

Never heard of this “pass” since i scored myself > 70 on all sections in the level 1…

He’s being sarcastic. He is a level 3 candidate who does not have the patience to wait for his result, due on this 12th August and he is taking his frustration out on new level 3 candidates. Poor soul.

"……and he is taking his frustration out on new level 3 candidates. …"

Your conclusion is faulty…OP has just cleared Level 1 and is not even a Level 2 candidate!

@S2000magician is right, he should wait till 2016 before planning for Level 3.

You cannot be really that naive or can you?

well at least he passed l1. haha

Haha, people are just making jokes in this forum to pass this difficult 7 days… don’t be too serious about the posts…

I quite enjoy reading them…

1 -->2–>3

Writing level 1 twice does not mean you skip level 2.