Just passed the '06 exam!

Well, 80% of it anyay…just took the 96 question exerpt from the '06 exam that’s in volume 2 of schweser’s practice exams and got a 73%…my first pass on a practice so far. I bombed ethics, though, 50%. Not sure if that would’ve flown on the real deal. Otherwise section scores ranged from 67% to 91% (on quant-not sure that will happen again, but at least this week’s review paid off). Anyone else taken this yet? What’d you think/how’d you do?

Haven’t taken it yet, but that is a good score. Keep it up. That secret sauce is working!

Where did you find the 06 exam?

The questions are scattered throughout the CFAI texts and also all listed together in the beginning of schweser’s book 7. There are 90 questions from the 2006 exam.

Has anyone else taken 2006 L2 exam in book 7? I finished it up on Wednesday and scratched out a 73%… anyone else?

how’d you do on the ethics clipper? i got railed.

Failed with 8/12, but I’ll take it. I blew up on PM. All in all though, I thought it was pretty straightforward. Give me that test again on June 7th, and at least I’ll like my chances.

Yeah, doing it right now and it seems too f*cking straightforward. I’m about 2/3 done it and I’m feeling pretty decent about it. The equity is, dare I say it, easy?!>?! The quant was a little b!tch, though…got really granular on some of those statements (ie. one thing was stated correctly about f*cking up model specification, but then one word on a minute other statement is incorrect)…found myself cheating a bit for the EXACT wording. I’m hoping to finish it tonight and will score it after all at once.