Just read Schweser, what's next?

Hi everyone!

I’ve just read the last book of level 3 Schweser and I’m confused what’s the best strategy for the following weeks. Do I look through the blue box examples, re-read Schweser carefully or just skip to past exams rightaway? Tell me, what do you think.


Go thru all the CFAI books and do all the end of chapter questions and look at all the examples in chapter. A lot of the in chapter examples appear on exam day (can’t stress this enough). After that, start taking practice exam after practice exam. This test is more about practicing. It’s one thing to know something, or think you know it. It’s another to have 5 min to gather your thoughts and write down a clear concise sentence. Practice, practice, practice.

Good luck.

I would recommend that you read Schweser again, while doing practice exams on the side. It’s better to know one reference book 90% than two reference books 50%.

I’m not telling him to read the CFAI books, just telling him to go thru and do the q’s

I second that. Get to the questions in CFAI. Do them twice and also grab all of the old morning exams and do those.

Doing the EOC questions, but I made almost the same(90% of times) mistakes as I did last year. The only difference is: I solved EOC BEFORE I read the curriculum this time.