Just registered for J'09 L1 - one question though

I am in the UK. Just paid for the registration and curriculum with my Lloyds Visa debit card. How would I have to pay for the shipping/customs? Will UPS contact me via email?

you’ll get a call and they will tell you how to go about it.

you’ll have to pay VAT for the books btw

I am planning to give J’09 L1. I have got Schweser 2007 L1 notes. Do I need to go for Schweser 2009 notes or these 2007 notes will be good enough. Where can I see the syllabus changes if any? Ashish

Dunno if there is any. I have the 2008 notes and I’m writing on the J’09 as well. I compared the LOS per session on the 2008 Schweser with the new LOS from CFAI and about 75% are exactly the same, 10% save slight changes, and 15% major ones (about 3 sessions, which I’ll not follow Schweser on but solely use the CFAI text instead)

I’m in London, I ordered mine mid August, came via UPS…from what I could make out, the shipping was included, the only downside was the fx conversion rate which compared to the spot rate wasn’t as ethical as I had hoped for!

perdition By ethical, do you mean to say that the highest dollar value in the past six months was used for the conversion! Anyways, I presume you are attempting the Dec’08 exams. All the best. One more thing…how was the shipping included? because when you register, you just pay for the curriculum + exam, not for the shipping/import fees. Did anyone from UPS contact you?

I was jesting with the ethical bit…it just seemed ironic at the time as Ethics was the first part of the syllabus I read. At the time cable was 1.91, I was done at 1.76, on the stated $ ammount. I am sure that is down to the card company anyhow. 1.76 looks pretty good now! From what I could understand postage appeared to be inclusive? I ordered online, filled in my address,I received an acceptance confirmation email the next day which had a UPS tracking number… a heavy box of 6 books arrived 3 days later…no extra vat,no contact with UPS other than signing to accept the goods. I think you have made a wise decision to wait for June,2 1/2 weeks in, this is far tougher than I expected and I really do not like failing at anything…Good luck!

You are right about the bank…they hit me at $1.72 per GBP. Serious short-change. Meanwhile, I had mailed the institute regarding my curriculum; they replied back saying that the tracking # would be updated in 1-3 days from registration and it would take further 6-9 business days for the curriculum to arrive. So, just have to wait… Question#2: Is there a reliable site that offers the TI BA II Pro at a lower price than Amazon.co.uk?