Just Registered!!!!

Time to start Reviewing Any suggestions?

Welcome, Start with reviewing the search function…

get cracking…ethics is so boring you have no idea!

Good luck!!! Study hard and don’t burn out!

Good luck. Check out that guys blog…

which blog?

heres the blog: http://mycfaadventure.blogspot.com god i cant believe even IM plugging it now. its like a bad advert you cant get out of your head… seriously though - dont start with ethics. it sux and you wont remember it come exam time. start with quant and work your way through the books, doing questions as you go. then do more questions.

nahsuar Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Welcome, > Start with reviewing the search function… HAHA.

I already Read all the books, Im just in reviewing mode. until the exam

  • 1 for starting with quant. I started with Ethics - and it was time completely wasted. no prayer that i will remember the nitty gritty details that are key. I’m planning on doing ethics from scratch in late november.

Just registered for June and kicking off with Corp Finance as soon as the notes arrive…dont know how long it takes from the US to the UK.

I started with Ethics, too…and also completely wasted my time.

I started with ethics, reviewed it after I had read over everything else, and reviewed it a couple more times, using mainly the CFAI book, then reinforcing with Schweser and Stalla. I scored >70% on ethics.