Just started FSA...

and it feels like it drags on… does anyone out there empathize with me? I enjoyed Quant and Econ, but I hope the other sections after FSA aren’t like this!

Book 3 was the most difficult id say. Book 4 was a breeze, very easy and pretty interesting. Currently I’m trying to finish book 5 by next week.

original cfai books, or schweser? i’d have to agree with jalmy, book 3 took me longer than i expected. i’m currently going through book 4 and its a breeze so far. these are schweser books btw.

Thanks guys. Yep, I’m talking about Schweser. And to think I took accounting classes in univ (just graduated a year ago), I think I’d feel even worse if I had no accounting background at all!

i think book 3 and book 5 are the hardest. Good luck on book 5, cuz it is def one of the more complex sections if ur not familiar with bonds and derivatives.