Just Started Studying This Morning

I just started studying this morning for the Level III Exam. What should I focus on for Saturday?

IPS, Equity, Fixed Income. You’ve done Ethics in Level 2.

As he said above, you already did ethics. 4 books left, 4 days. just a book a day, np.

wow! what a confidence… seems so easy… @just started

let us know if any magic is there :smiley:



Are you coming here to release our stress? It’s amusing. Well done.

Nice one. Would’ve been slightly believable if you hadn’t been so active on the forum in the past few months :slight_smile:

take some meth and 48 hrs non-stop cram + just lil more to carry on an extra 8 hrs and you should be fine!

Hahaha at least somebody found it humorous!