Just started taking practice tests.... brutal...

I finished reading on 5/5 and have taken three Schweser practice tests since, 48%, 55%, 63%. While I like the trend and am narrowing in on where I need to focus, these scores are scaring the s**t out of me. I like the Schweser format because it allows me to identify weaknesses quickly. Does anyone have thoughts on how the Schweser Qbank tests relate to the actual exam? I was planning to hit the mock the weekend of 5/22, but am now thinking 5/15 might be better. I would exhaust the best study resource, but really narrow in on weaknesses earlier. Thoughts on any of this would be appreciated. Thanks

schweser is a sure way to fail. take it from a second time taker. take cfa mock exams – more realistic of whats gonna be tested. schweser questions are hard to understand, answer choices way to easy.

I wouldn’t focus on the scores. Focus more on what questions you got wrong, and why you got them wrong. At level 2, you can know the material and still fail. Sometimes the CFAI will throw in substitute terms and sometimes you will make silly mistakes. It’s better to make those mistakes on the practice exam than on the real exam.

Yes Schweser sucks. -Level 2 repeater.

I think people blame Schweser for their own lack of preparation. The scores I am getting on Schweser are a few % points higher than that of the actual CFA mock, however I have done CFA EOC, qbank and finquiz. Finquiz appears to be the best at jamming material into your head. The idea that Schweser, Finquiz or any single question provider does not help is ridiculous. If you are looking at just reading Schweser and reading the test questions from Schweser you will probably fail, however this is not Schweser’s fault this is your fault. Simple way to pass, Read the texts, read schweser, read the texts do EOC, do Schweser EOC, do Schweser Practice Tests, do CFA Mock, see what you need work on, review for last 2 weeks, go into exam feeling confident (after getting a good night sleep). In the end what you need to do is study, there isn’t much else to it.

Thanks for the feedback. I read the CFAI books, but didn’t get started until after Dec Level I results came out in late Jan. Level II is difficult to prepare for in 4 months. I feel like I can handle the material, but another month is really needed. I guess I’ll just take the mock this weekend and cram like hell. Good luck everyone.

bond ( james ) , I took Afternoon 2 and I got 67 % . I am also a 4 month case

I’m pretty much folowing Paraguay’s advice even though I used Stalla for my main prep. I don’t like their questions in terms of actual exam prep. Great for learning the material but for getting you ready for how the actual exam question might be presented, Schweser is more representative. Also by doing the EOC questions from CFAI you get a feel for what they focus on. I’m leaving the mocks for the last 3 weeks, but will take one this weekend just to gauge where I stand.

jlive - you taking the 2 day Stalla course?