just starting for june exam...

Hi Everyone, I’ve done some FSA prep in the past, but I am really just getting going with preparation for the June exam. I really enjoy the materials, so I very much look forward to it. I have the Schweser and CFAI materials and am ready to devote 20 hours+/week and am extremely motivated to pass. I work full-time and am finishing a dissertation as well, so I need to use my time wisely and efficiently. Please tell me if anyone has some advice/support/encouragement. Especially STRATEGY…I need STRATEGY!! Thank you in advance!

get off the board and start studying. good luck, and maybe get ready to prioritize.

Sounds good in your head, probably looks even better on paper, but it’s just NOT going to happen.

TPain88 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Sounds good in your head, probably looks even > better on paper, but it’s just NOT going to > happen. but if he is relentless…

The recommended minimum prep time is 250 hours. Even if you have finance/accounting degrees, you probably still need more than 20 hours a week for the next two months to guarantee a pass… Just don’t overestimate yourself.

F all these guys. If you are already signed up you have nothing to lose and certainly nothing to gain by thinking negatively. I would say make sure you crush ethics (easy points). I probably gave Ethics a week of studying and found it very easy on the actual exam. Make sure you brush up on the FSA (it’s on there in a major way). Know the basics in equity such as CAPM, DDM, growth rate formula, etc. For FI, try to nail down what happens with changes in interest rates; note how this is different for bonds with options. Econ sucks and I don’t know what to tell you there. Quant just isn’t that bad if you have had stats in the past. Derivatives, Alt’s, PM, and Corp Finance are there, but not in an overwhelming matter. Pick out the basics if that’s all you have time for. You’ve got a shot. Like I said, nothing to lose so give it your all. Worst case scenario is that you are that much closer to passing the second time around. Best of luck!

He is working full time and working on his dissertation. I think perfecting these two is priority. He has 140-160 hours…which really cuts close.

Well, I would say do your best on studying, write the exam, and worse case scenario you will need to re-write in December, right? I also work full time, but I started studying back in November, and I am finding that I wish I had more hours! I find it key to set a schedule and stick to it! I already have May all mapped out with which sample exam to take on what day, allowing time to review between exams, etc…in order to stay on track and plan in advance… Best of luck to you!

Wow, good luck. I agree with some of the above posters–I started studying in December and wish that I had another month! But, I think it’s doable–if you have a finance/econ/accounting background none of this material is new. I would first focus on FSA and equity which accounts for a large portion of the exam. But don’t blow off ethics–I know many people who have previously taken the exam that DID and they did not pass. Fortunately it is common sense but still worthwhile to look over. If anything, it’s worthwhile to write in June and should the outcome not be favorable, then you’ll have an idea what to expect for December. Perhaps you should consider one of the 3 (or 5) day intensive courses through Schweser? That way you know you’ve seen all of the material at least once. Again, best of luck. Worst case scenario: you’ll find those answers at the bottom of your glass. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing: maybe I up my weekly hours to 30-35 NOW, and see how it goes with the prep. I read through Schweser notes first then read CFAI material and do all the problems. Then watch the Schweser video for a recap. I leave 2 weeks before exam for taking sample exams… Is the difficulty with respect to the amount of material to memorize? I have taken accounting, and the stuff itself does not seem terribly complicated or anything…the ratios in FSA seem pretty intuitive, etc.

Buddy…you are not alone who is doing this??? let’s give it a try…