Just starting to study for CFA L3

Hello everybody! I just registered to this forum some days ago and I should admit that it is very valuable to be able to share opinions and meet people from all around the world engaged in the same “demanding quest” as the CFA is basically a solo structured preparation program. I have just started to study today for the Level 3 in June. Are there other people like me just starting the thing now? Motivation is the key especially when all the material is in front. So I just wanted to know if there are other late starters here. Timing is crucial so I should push myself hard on that to catch up. Good Luck to everybody!

Why thank you and same to you my friend!!

I just started recently - covered 3 study sessions.

Consistent, discipline and remain physically healthy. All the best!

I’m starting today. Good luck to all of us!!!

CFATO2011 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m starting today. Good luck to all of us!!! Well it seems we are gravitating close together on this, mate :slight_smile: Let’s try to have a boosting start!

I started last Sunday. Here we go againnnnnnnnnnnn