Just think...

They’ve probably already marked your paper. Those scantron machines go like the clappers. They already know if you have passed or failed. However, they will pad out their biscuit allowances whilst discussing whether the pass mark should be 66 or 67. For the best part of 3 months. Maybe they are worth those salaries…

they probably watch this site for assistance in ‘post-test’ question analysis. so that said, if you got 80, they’re still going to fail you for that remark.

Hahaha, if that’s the case…I failed even before I woke up Saturday morning.

Most likely! :stuck_out_tongue:

They have their “experts” take the exam week after next. If the experts have problems or are confused by certain questions, those are the ones that get thrown out. So says CFAI, but I find the whole process kinda shady. Just tell me what I freakin made on the exam already.

Where’s that information from BondClipper?

I would definitely give up my future first born child to find out the results today. Seemed to me that this has happened in the past…who do you think put together the afternoon session of the exam? Certainly not a mature intelligent adult…I’m still having nightmares.

Schweser claims that the CFAI hasn’t thrown a question out in a long time.

I know for a fact the first year they put the binomial option on a test (think it was 2003 or 2004) it was thrown out. Our instructor was a former grader for CFAI and he said that because so many people got that question wrong and CFAI considered a problem that a computer would solve a not reflective of knowledge base, it was thrown out. If a question is thrown out and you got it right, you still get a point. So they won’t take your point away from you, it just means if you got that question wrong it is not included in your final score.

I’ve been giving up quite a few potential first born children recently.