Just took CFA Level II

Flirting with the idea of taking CAIA Level I in September. I’ve got a decent understanding of the ALT Investments sections from Level I and II CFA. Did okay with the quant stuff and my ethics knowledge is decent. How much work is level I CAIA for a level II CFA test taker???

Easy! I took CAIA L1 six weeks after CFA L1 and it was a relative breeze. Just finished CFA L2 myself and taking CAIA L2 in September.

I’m taking the September exam now after writing level 2. I work full time and plan on having a normal life and taking a 2 week vacation in LA. I think i could pull it off though.

Ditto exactly what ATH said. Ethics will be a breeze, the other stuff just memorizing definitions. CFA Level II whooped me. Hopefully CAIA Level II will be easier

CFA Level II is the beast. Schweser disappointed me for that one. I think it won’t disappoint me this time around though.

I’m in the same boat! Just took Level 2 and already received my CAIA textbook! Its humongous LOL! Won’t start reading till July or 3rd week of June… Giddy up!!!

Thanks for the posts, best of luck to those who just took CFA levels. I guess I’m having a problem “coming down” from my study schedule, still too worked up…may just jump in to CAIA level I. Going to try and take it easy for a few weeks though, I have brained my damage.

not time for rest… Keep trucking!!!