Just took Sample Exam 2 in Book 6, scored 67%

I’m in my last year in college, and job interviews and midterms in the past month have screwed over my CFAI studying. However, Book 6 is harder than the actual exam so I still have a shot and I’m gonna give it all I got. Most of the questions are pretty conceptual, and the CFAI is even more so than the Schweser questions. One of the best tips that the Schweser Secret Sauce gives is that it’s nearly impossible to have everything down cold, your strategy should be to know a little bit of everything instead. I’m not going to crunch out any problems today, instead I’m going to familiarize with every major concept, calculation, and formula. My plan for the next 8 hours today (Friday): - Workout - Review the Book 6 exam and pinpoint mistakes - Reread ethics, skim Quant/Econ, and read Books 3-5 three times - Workout again Exam Strategies: - I need to focus more during the exam. I noticed myself wandering off and thinking about other things, checking out some girl that just walked by in the library, mentally bitching about some of the problems, etc, midway through the session. I can’t afford to do that tomorrow, I need to be efficient with time, Red Bull will help. - 1.5min per question. If I can’t figure out a question within the first minute, I should just mark it, and hopefully if I’ve crossed out some of the choices I’ll be able to make a good guess. I need to be less stubborn with those lengthy calculation questions and just let them go, the opportunity cost is missing the many easy alternative investment questions towards the end of the exam. Anyway, best of luck to all of you.