Just took the level 1- Am I still technically a "Candidate"?

I just sat for the December level 1 exam. Since I am not currently signed up for any future exams, I am wondering if I am still considered, and can refer to myself, as a candidate between now and when I get my results?

Yes, until you get your results. Then you cease to be a candidate until you enroll again.

Yes, a CFA Level 1 candidate.

Yep. Start applying and milk it for what its worth.

Yes, geo has the timing of it correct.

Don’t have business cards printed just yet…

As long as you are waiting for your results, you are still a candidate. You better enrol the second you get the results or else your business cards violate at least one ehtical standard.

People write “Level I Canadidate” on their cards? Yikes.

I don’t, haha. But it comes up in conversation, I was really just wondering. Thanks for the advice.

I saw that too. Ludicrous.

Personally, i didn’t even tell anyone (other than my boss) that i am writing the CFA exam only because 1) most people around me don’t know what it is, 2) i don’t want people to ask me how my studying goes everytime i see them, 3) if i don’t pass i don’t want to explain it to everyone

I didn’t even tell my boss. He wasn’t dumb, he knew why I would be doing it.

So your job is not related to CFA and you don’t get sponsored by your company?

even if you have to have for tuition, having some study leave would be nice!

As long as he stops giving them he should be ok :wink:

My boss would wonder why I would be studying for exams he himself didn’t need.

i guess if your job doesn’t need it, you won’t get reimbursed then you don’t need to tell your boss.

I never got reimbursed for the exams, even when I was a trader.

Usually in most of banks they would pay you the CFA if you asked. This is less true now after the crisis. I even saw people in Middle Office or IT who got it paid and they were upfront with their boss saying that they wanted to leave their function.

To be frank, if a company is unwilling to pay 3-4k to invest in you, keep you happy and develop you as a person, maybe it is worth wondering whether they think you have any value ? If they refuse to sponsor specifically for a CFA but are open to other options it is different.


It’s hard to say now the economy is not well in many countries and they cut corners wherever they can.

To be honest, they may NOT actually need that many CFAs in the company so they don’t really value what you have.

I will be working in a bank from next January. I registered for level 2 two days after receiving the offer and yeah so I paid with my own credit card. Not sure if I am eligible for the reimbursement.