just wondering....

Hey folks, planning to give my L1 in dec 2007, first attempt… I was just wondering that if I were to pass L1 and hunt for jobs later on, will I have any kinda info from CFA saying that I have passed L1… what if my would-be employer wants proof… same thing for L2 and L3… I am asking this coz it may take me a good 4 yrs to even show relevant work exp… so in the meantime if I do pass all 3 levels will I have any thing to show for it? Thanks, Ruckmani

When the results are out, you would be able to print your results (pass or fail) with your scoring range for each section of the test. -RK

You can also show your registration confirmation as a candidate for L1. This way you can state you are a L1 candidate on the resume.

What’s the value in saying that one is a Level 1 candidate. This doesn’t prove anything. Anyone with $1000 to spare can say that they are a L1 candidate by registering for the exam. Really, what value is it to any hiring firm? RK

RK2 - There is no value in saying you are a candidate. Anyone with half a brain will think exactly what you just stated. After passing a level, it means something…until then…worthless.

I don’t think it’s worthless. It shows you’re actually planning on taking the exam and hopefully obtaining the charter, regardless of what will actually happen. When an employer is looking at two resumes and one states you’re a Level 1 candidate and the other doesn’t say anything, I think Level 1 candidate has a better shot since it shows future potential.

I had an interview with BoA’s investment banking division while I was in college my senior year. Some of the interviewers either were impressed that I was taking L1 in december of that year, or they were going way out of their way to make me think they were impressed. I ended up getting a job offer from there before deciding to work at another firm.