Kaplan 2016 Practice Exam One Scores

Post your scores for Kaplan’s 2016 Practice Exam One.

AM - 122/180 or 67.78%

PM - 35/60 or 58.33%

I performed a lot worse than I expected I was going to on this one.

Dang, that sucks.


Hashtag: what do you recommend for this month?

Mocks, mocks and after that some more mocks.

#AtLeast10 #trustme

Hashtag … appreciated

should they be all timed?

what % to CFA AM and mocks vs schweser mocks?

These scores aren’t horrendous and there’s time to claw yourself up.

Do as many CFAI am papers as you can to ensure that you have the exam technique down pat. I’d do them all timed and then spend as much time, if not more, reviewing them. Arif Irfanullah has a table that shows which questions are still relevant so you’re not wasting time.

I did the recent am papers twice. Schweser mocks are useful to cement your knowledge but they’re not that close to the real thing in style. agree with hashy that you want to be doing at least 10 papers

only did the pm, i scored 65% untimed, obviously would be lower under the time pressure.

i’m planning on only doing old CFA morning essay exams. started with the 2009 mock and did decent, though it’s tough to score

Did 68% in first PM, 73% in second PM

^ Are these Schweser test scores? I only have the CFAI AM exams. I wonder if they are enough.

I only saw that the CFAI provides 2013, 2014, and 2015. How do I get acces to exams prior to those?